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hello I had a miscarriage going on three weeks on Saturday. it was complete and I bled for only 6 days after. on yesterday i had

Posted by Nadama

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o much for responding. This pregnancy was not planned and my husband and I did not realize we were pregnant until about eight weeks along. Unfortunately by this time the pregnancy was already gone. I am sure I do not have any type of infection, because all teste were run prior  to the fetus being expelled and they came out negative. But will check on my hcg blood level because it was not lower than five when the doctor last checked it. Thank you again for your advice.
I'm sorry to hear about your loss.  Please accept my deepest condolescences.  It's best to follow up w/your family physician or obstetrician to confirm that you have no retained products that could lead to prolonged or heavy bleeding as well as serve as source of infection.  It's not clear to me whether this pregnancy was planned or not.  If not, then now would be an excellent time to obtain some form of birth control as well as pledge to make your partner(s) wear condoms each & every time w/o fail.  The purpose of the birth control is obvious but the condoms serve two purposes.  First is to prevent pregnancy and second is to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted infections.  So go see your doctor.  Good luck!
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