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Heavy bleeding a week after period?

Posted by ema1121

Last year, december 29 2011, me and my boyfriend did some things. He was naked and i was on my underwear. He said he didnt ejaculate. Then my period came last january 17 but it was light not my usual flow. It ended on january 22. After that I was experiencing brown spotting and that spotting turned into bleeding and now that bleeding is getting heavier. I'm getting worried. What could this be? Im 16 and not taking any pills. It's like im having another period again but a little heavier.
Is this because of what me and my boyfriend did? Or is this just normal?
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Well, I don't know what you guys did but you're young enough that your menses are still irregular so more likely than not, that's the cause of your light flow followed by brown spotting turning into heavier bleeding.  Of course, you're probably worried about being pregnant or possibly catching a sexually transmitted infection.  

So first, go purchase a pregnancy test.  They're available over-the-counter without a prescription.  And they're cheap, less than $20 in most places.  

Once you're sure that you're not pregnant, you need to do/take something to keep from getting pregnant.  Even if he doesn't ejaculate (inside you), you could still get pregnant unless you're taking something like birth control.  Go see your family physician for this or check out Planned Parenthood.  

Furthermore, if you're going to be naked around your boyfriend, he has to wear a condom each & everytime.  No excuses.  You don't want to catch an infection (or give him one).  Plus the condom serves as another method to keep from getting pregnant.  Good luck!

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