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Happy Mother’s Day!

Posted Mar 05 2010 9:27am

The day is almost over, but Happy Mother’s Day!  In honor of all of the new moms out there, today’s post comes from Autumn Calabrese, owner and founder of P3-Fitness in Los Angeles, California and new mommy.  As a small business owner and mother to a 4-month old baby boy,  Autumn knows how hard it can be find time for a workout.  (Not to mention laundry, dishes, grocery shopping or 5-minutes to talk with your husband.)  In light of this struggle, she’s shared a workout complete with a playlist to help get us started and keep us motivated.  *Please consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.*

From Autumn:  If you’re like me, you never know when you might get a few minutes free to workout.  So when that time comes, it helps if you don’t have to think about it.  Below is a playlist of some of my favorite workout songs along with cardio and toning suggestions.  All the prep work is done for you and you don’t need any equipment (other than your i-pod.)  This is 25 minutes of music and you should stretch for 5 minutes afterwards giving yourself a total of 30 minutes of exercise.   Download these songs onto your i-pod today and be ready the next time you have 30 minutes to focus on your self and your health.

The Beat Gos On (Britney Spears) -  1 min of “fake” jump rope, followed by 20 squats, 40 Jumping Jacks, repeat till the song ends.

Have a Nice Day (Bon Jovi) - 20 alternating forward lunges, 10 push-ups, 20 alternating forward lunges, 10 tricep dips on the couch or chair (make sure the chair weighs enough that you wont make it tip over) Repeat till the song ends.

Piece of My Heart (Faith Hill)  - 50 High Knees, 15 Bicep curls, 20 backward lunges with front kick (do each leg individually and 20 on each side), 15 Hammer curls using your own resistance.

Heartbreaker (Pat Benatar)  -  30 Jumping Jacks, 15 forward Side shoulder raises using your own resistance , 30 Squats with alternating side leg lifts, 15 Shoulder presses using your own resistance. REPEAT

I’m So Excited (The Pointer Sisters)  - Hold a basic plank for 30 sec.  HIGH PLANK TO LOW PLANK (start in a low plank on the forearms then raise your self up to a high plank on your hands…do 10 leading with right hand and 10 leading with left hand), 20 CHEST PRESSES lying on your back using your own resistance, 25 CHEST FLYS using your own resistance.

Wild Wild West (Will Smith) -  50 crunches, 50 bicycle crunches, 50 crunches with the legs in the air, 50 crunches with the knees dropped to the right then 50 more with knees dropped to the left. (Repeat if you have time.)

REMEMBER:  Every little bit counts so even if you only have 10-15 min in  your day to get a workout in, do it!!!!  You can burn 100 calories in 10 min running, jumping rope or doing jumping jacks.  If your lucky enough to do that 3 times a day you’ve done 30 – 45 minutes of exercise and burned an extra 300 -450 calories! 

Visit  to learn more about Autumn Calabrese and P-3 Fitness.  Watch for more tips and workout suggestions from Autumn.  She will be a regular fitness contributor to Broccoli Cupcake.  You can contact her with questions at .

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