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Ha! I knew I wasn't imagining it!

Posted Jul 07 2008 7:17pm
Phenylephrineversus Pseudoephedrine:


Phenylephrine is used as a decongestant, available as an oral medicine or as a nasal spray. Phenylephrine is now the most commonover-the-counter(OTC) decongestant;oxymetazolineis a more common nasal spray.[citation needed]Pseudoephedrinewas historically more common, although its notoriety as amethamphetamineprecursor has led some governments to restrict its sale.

Oral phenylephrine is extensivelymetabolisedbymonoamine oxidase[1], anenzymewhich is present in thegastrointestinal tractand the liver.Therefore, compared to orally-taken pseudoephedrine, it has a reduced and variablebioavailabilityof only up to 38 percent,[2][3]and is therefore less effective as a nasal decongestant than pseudoephedrine.(It's not all in my head folks!! Wikipedia says so!!!)Because phenylephrine is a direct selective α-adrenergicreceptor agonist, it does not cause the release of endogenousnoradrenalinelike pseudoephedrine does. Therefore, phenylephrine is less likely to cause side-effects likecentral nervous systemstimulation,insomnia,anxiety, irritability and restlessness.

Damn meth head labs have to ruin it for congested people EVERYWHERE!!!

Can you tell that I'm still heavily congested?? I bought some of the placebo/phenylephrine yesterday, and IT'S NOT WORKING. I'm heading to the pharmacy today to buy the illegal-to-sell-over-the-counter good stuff.

**side note** Phenylephrine is also known as NeoSynephrine, and is given to combat hypotension in the PACU/intensive care settings. I had to give this drug via an IV to a hypotensive patient in the PACU last week. Works great to bring up blood pressure, without making the patient tachycardic, or if they are already tachycardic.

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