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Guest Blogger: Women’s Secrets, men’s Muscles Unveiled

Posted Apr 30 2009 10:51pm
By Harold Schulman, MD

What does a semi-retired male gynecologist do? He does odd jobs, but if he was a professor and teacher he might write a book dealing with male and female sexuality.

That’s what I did. Why? Women have taught me about their dissatisfaction with their doctors, particularly in the area of sexuality. Furthermore since I had the time, I felt I wanted to share what I learned with doctors, health workers and people about the cultural influences surrounding women and men. These issues are rarely touched upon in residency programs, and I was surprised to learn how much I didn’t know. It was a nature-nurture issue to me.

For many years as a residency program director, I established a yearly course on sexuality for the residency staff. There were resources available but the emergence of porno videos destroyed the course and the need or value of its teachers.

As a practitioner, I was disappointed when I saw how many gynecologists were uncomfortable with these issues. The doctors frequently gave advice that was appalling. I was interested and comfortable and utilized the resources that were available including Sinclair Institute resources.
Thus, I wrote a book, recently published. The title, Women’s Secrets, men’s Muscles Unveiled is a not so veiled effort to attract men and women.

My initial motivation came from the Vagina Monologue, and my discovery of the word, yoni from the Camphausens. I felt that there should be dialogues, not monologues to enhance relationships between men and women. I have no experience with unisexual unions.

For the next five years I ploughed the Internet to find answers and thoughts that were new to me. My life long history in the arts enabled me to integrate art, and literature into my dialogue. My confusion about faith and religion drew me to spiritual thoughts that were intertwined. I found a publisher,, that gave me enormous support on how to write for the public.

I would love to hear from and share ideas with members of TWSHF.

I f I have stimulated your curiosity see my web site and blog at

Harold Schulman, MD
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