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groin pain after hip replacement on June 13th. how long?

Posted by counselorjt

I had total hip replacement surgery on June 13th.  Before and after surgery, I continue to have groin pain which is activated each time I take a step up on the surgery side.  I also feel the pain when I walk.  During physical therapy, I've been getting lots of soft tissue massage in that area.  I've had maybe 2 pain free days, but the pain alwas comes back.  My surgeon says it will go away "in time."  Any idea how much time?
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Sorry, I'm a family physician and geriatrician, not an orthopedic surgeon.  However, this is the type of question that I usually suggest that patients talk to their surgeons or interventionalists about.  It's best to do this beforehand so that you have as much information as possible and know what to expect.  If you can't get a satisfactory answer from your surgeon, try asking his physician assistant or his nurse practitioner.  Obviously, no one has a crystal ball and will be able to pinpoint the day that you become painfree.  However, the surgeon should have some idea as to when most of his patients are independent again rather than telling you "in time".  Also, given the fact that the surgery was performed two months ago, you might ask for an xray to prove that your hip replacement is seated properly and didn't come lose or that you didn't some sort of (stress) fracture.  Good luck!
Thanks for your swift and thorough reply.  An xray shows that the replaced hip is seated perfectly. I'll continue to be patient.
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