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Great book!

Posted Jan 10 2010 12:00am

Any of you who have started to do research on the subject of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy know there are a myriad of books out there--written by everyone from healthcare professionals to celebrities. Some are good, some aren't, but one of the common complaints I hear from women is that the books are difficult to read/comprehend (made worse by the fact that if you are peri/menopausal, you are already likely suffering from brain fog).

A new book came out a few months ago on bioidentical hormones and it was written by a healthcare professional (RN) who also has walked the walk with hormonal imbalance and gone from feeling awful to fantastic. The book is called Stop the Needless Suffering by Rosie Brown, and it was written specifically as a "primer" for those who want to start researching the subject and become educated about hormone balance. Her book not only covers the basics of bioidentical hormones, but also thyroid issues and adrenal fatigue, and she is quick to offer ideas for supplemental readings on all three subjects.

Her book is filled with stories about women who have improved their health with bioidentical hormone balance, which will be a comfort to those of you who are not quite convinced that this is a protocol that might be right for you. The end of each chapter has little "nuggets" --- quick little sentences/paragraphs to summarize the important points of the book. She lays out the sex hormones (estrogen - testosterone - progesterone)---their functions, signs of deficiencies, etc, iin an easy to read format. She explains the reasons why our hormones get out of balance (I guarantee you will see yourself in reading the case studies), ways to get your hormones tested, and has chapters on healthy eating, detox, and even a chapter that speaks to health care providers. The book also is holistic in that includes ways to bring more vitality and happiness to your life. The book is easy to read---I highly recommend it.

Full disclosure, I am honoured to be quoted by Rosie on page 53 of the book----it talks about how I travel cross country to Southern CA for my hormonal care. Anyone who knows me will tell you----- if I didn't think the book was good, I wouldn't recommend it. This book is badly needed by a lot of women to help them understand the basics of BHRT---it will help them talk to their healthcare professionals, advocate for themselves, and give them a good foundation to further research bioidentical hormone replacement.

Here is the link to Rosie's website, and she is also on Facebook and Twitter .
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