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Gossiping, chatting, talking healthy for women - Increases levels of progesterone

Posted Jun 24 2009 7:01pm
This is such an interesting little story. I wanted to pass it on and see if others agree with what is being said. Certainly it is healthy to have a light hearted conversation among women, right? So, maybe it is healthy just to hang out with friends and talk. Dark gossip might be another matter do you agree?

Hindustan Times

Next time you indulge in gossiping, don't carry any guilt, for a new study has concluded that a nice chat is good for health.

According to scientists at the University of Michigan who carried out the study on 160 women, woman is happier and healthier if she loves a good natter with her girlfriends.

Experts claim it boosts levels of progesterone, a hormone shown to reduce levels of anxiety and stress.

The study’s researchers said progesterone, which is produced by women’s ovaries, plays an important part in social bonding, reports The Daily Express.

“Many of the hormones involved in bonding lead to reduction in stress and anxiety,” said research leader Professor Stephanie Brown.

The research is published in the journal Hormones and Behaviour.

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