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Posted Aug 05 2009 6:10pm

Our Hair has been quite the hot topic lately. Hopefully you read my recent post on "Black Hair."
Well, Chris Rock has decided to make a movie about Black Hair called "Good Hair." One of my sorority sisters sent me the link this morning. Apparently, Chris Rock was motivated to do the documentary/comedy after one of his daughters asked him why she did not have "good hair." The documentary will touch on the history of our hair and hopefully explore why little girls are struggling with the "good hair issue." I think it is great that this issue is being addressed in this comedic/educational format. I am currently struggling with the issue of transitioning to natural hair myself. My mother and two sisters have both transitioned and I am the only one hanging on to my relaxer. I know that I will make the transition eventually, I recognize the harm that relaxers cause. Why would I want a chemical that can burn through an aluminium can (check the trailer) on my head? Or a chemical that is unsafe during pregnancy? And who wants go through "torture sessions" ( check the video---ICE T) for the rest of their life?

I wonder if the document will touch on our hair and health. I hope it does. Anyway, I just wanted to quickly share the trailer with you all. Click here to view it!

Oh and here are some pics that reflect my experience with the "good hair" issue. I begged my mom for a relaxer forever because I like many young girls thought that straight hair was prettier. The first pic is my length at with first relaxer and the other pic is my hair present. Now the present pic is my cut that was the result of damaged hair. (You all should feel lucky cause i'm sharing childhood pics with ya!)


Share your stories of how "Good Hair' influenced you as a child.....

What are you thoughts on the documentary?

Thoughts on the conditioning of black women to want "Good Hair"

Let's Discuss!
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