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Giving the Gift of Cleanliness!

Posted Apr 01 2009 2:45pm
There are so many things that can go wrong on any given day. Most are small things - getting caught in traffic, forgetting your anniversary, burning the toast. Annoying? Yes. Life-altering? Thankfully, no. But life-changing events do occur. Most of us, fortunately, will never have to experience the ravages of hurricanes, floods, tornadoes or other disasters, but for those of us who do, the aftermath can be quite traumatic. The many conveniences that we take for granted each and every day are suddenly gone. Physical destruction, power outages and a lack of water can make even the most routine tasks a challenge. Cooking a meal? Impossible. Heat or air-conditioning? Not until the power comes back on. A clean change of clothes at least? Well . . .thanks to Proctor and Gamble - YES! In an effort to help people who are struggling in the wake of a disaster, Proctor and Gamble is reaching out to help victims to regain some sense of normalcy and comfort by providing them with the possibility of clean, fresh clothing. Tide's Loads of Hope Trucks and Vans roll in and provide laundry services to families that have been devastated by natural disasters. There is no way to convey the comfort to be found in the most mundane details of everyday life. When disaster strikes, most of us feel shell-shocked. The problem is so huge that we often feel paralyzed and those of us watching from the sidelines wonder what, if anything, we can do. Well, Proctor and Gamble has an answer. By purchasing a "Tide's Loads of Hope" vintage-style tee shirt, you can help to support their laundry programs that give a simple gift to those who are in need. Next time a disaster hits, don't just sit there feeling useless. There is something that you can do. Purchase a tee shirt for yourself or a loved one and reach out to someone in need. It's a quick and easy way to do something good for yourself and the world. .
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