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Give Yourself Credit

Posted Mar 26 2009 3:18pm

Redcheckmark How many times have you said to yourself; "I didn' t get anything done today?"  It' s a lament I hear frequently from clients, friends, family members and sometimes myself.  It' s not a true statement, either.  It' s impossible to not do anything.  Even sitting in the sun reading a book is doing something.  It' s reading and renewing and restoring the self and that is doing something.    People often rush through their days without feeling connected to what they are accomplishing.  They are just doing things.  Then they fall into bed exhausted with the general feeling that they hadn' t done enough; that they didn' t get done what they were supposed to get done.   This generalized feeling that ' there is more to do' or ' I didn' t spend my time well' is like a virus that won' t go away.  It lingers, draining one of precious life energy. 

There are some antidotes to this problem.  First, give yourself credit for everything you do; including being nice to someone, setting aside time for planning, going for a walk, doing the taxes.  No matter how big or small give yourself credit, it will shift your energy and set you up well to begin the next day feeling even more connected to your life than the day before.  Second, legitimize time spent on tasks.  For instance, time spent planning is time well spent, even though you may feel pressure to skip the planning process and go right to the ' to dos' .  Third, do your best to stay in the present.  Worrying about what you haven' t yet done pulls you out of the now and into some imagined future.  Stay in the present and live into the future.  Connect to one thing at a time.

Saner Living Ritual:

At the end of the day climb into your comfy bed and reflect on how you spent your time.  Make sure you include everything.  As you visualize each task, activity and  connection, give yourself credit for every one.  If the mind begins to grumble about shoulds and musts, push the thought away and refocus on giving yourself credit.

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