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Get the most out of cloudy winter days with this easy tip

Posted Jan 25 2011 12:00am


My client looked at this photo, which I have as my current screen saver, and then looked out my office window at the gray winter sky.  He commented on the difference between the winter sky in the picture and the dreary winter sky outside my office window, lamenting that the blue sky had gone away.  I reminded him that the blue sky still exists, right above the clouds. 

It's funny how easy it is to accept what we are presented and not look deeper to see all the possibilities.  The blue sky does not disappear, it just gets covered over by gray clouds this time of year.  It's true of our desires and gifts, too.  They are within us, covered over by 'shouldas', 'wouldas', 'couldas'.

Life happens in the possibilities.  Challenge yourself to look beyond what is presented to you as a Fait accompli.

Ask yourself, "Is there more?" or, "What are the possibilities?" 

We are in the throes of winter.  It's true, it seems bleak, but wait, is there something else?  Is there beauty?  What opportunities are there for winter activities?  Can this be a good time to cosy in and get a project done?

Another client, said with wonderment in her voice, "I realized this week that I always have choice.  I get to decide how to live my life."  This insight, which on the face of it seems obvious, can be elusive, when we look at how the world presents itself and no deeper, when we take what is served up as truth without searching for more and different meanings.

It takes three positives to out do one negative .  Take what you are presented and turn it upside down and inside out.  Look in its corners and secret passages.  Before you accept what is, ask yourself, "But wait, is there more?"

Blue skies are always above the clouds.

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