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Get better circulation with Jingui Huayu blood circulator Herbal formula

Posted Jun 19 2010 12:00am

This is a remarkable herbal formula which is from the Chinese, which promotes circulation throughout the entire body by opening up small veins and capillaries to increase blood flow.  

I can imagine using this formula in conjunction with reflexology (hands and feet) to get well overall. The main ingredient is Jinqui Huayu made up of medicinal rhubarb, prepared rehmannia root, common peony root, peach seed, bitter apricot seed, licorice root, scute, dun fly, gadfly, leech, June beetle grub, dried lacquer and ground beetle. 

Chinese medicine uses this time-honored formula to promote micro-circulation, increase blood flow to heart muscles, open and clear arteries, inhibit intestinal adhesion, soothe the liver, remove stasis and maintain healthy blood circulation and regular menses. 

Direction for Use: As a dietary supplement, take 3~5 capsules 3 times daily . Not for use by pregnant woman. Store in a cool and dry place out of the reach of children. 

Balanceuticals formulas are made with state of the art technology under the supervision by China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the highest research authority in China. Most of the formulas are time-honored recipes that have made remarkable contribution to the good health of the Chinese population. 

Directions for Use: As a dietary supplement, take 3-5 capsules 3 times daily.

Store in a cool dry place and keep away from children.

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 3 Capsules
Servings per Container:......20
Amount per Serving
Propietary blend of multiple herbal extracts & powder 1280mg

Other Ingredient: Starch

Summary of modern studies on Jinkui Huayu (Blood Circulator™) Capsule
Chinese Use: Chronic hepatitis, hepatocirrhosis, hypertension, cerebral thrombosis, aplastic anemia, chronic leukemia, varicosity complication and sequelae, and surgical, gynopathic and dermopathic diseases. 

Modern studies on pharmacodynamics reveal that this product yields action of improving micro-circulation, increasing myocardial blood flow, lowering blood viscosity, anti-thrombosis and inhibiting platelet aggregation, anti-atherosclerosis, preventing and treating intestinal adhesion, and protecting chronic liver injury. 

1. Improvement of micro-circulation: This product is perfused to the stomach of rat of blood stasis model induced by metamethasone for 7 consecutive days. The symptoms are markedly ameliorated, the flowing status of blood stream is mainly on particle or line stream, the number of open capillaries is increased with greater calibre, RBC aggregation and its adhesion to the vessel wall in the capillary loops also decreased, indicating that this product markedly improves the microcirculation in blood stasis animal model. 

2. Increasing myocardial blood flow: Experiments show that, in cardiac ischemic mice induced by pituitrin and in normal mice, this product dilates coronary arteries, improves myocardiac microcirculation, markedly increases the nutritional blood flow to ischemic myocardium in mice and normal mice. 

3. Lowering blood viscosity, shortening the time of electrophorasis: When rat is given 13g/kg (i.g.) for 4 consecutive days, the viscosity of whole blood and plasma is decreased in blood static model induced by adrenalin. Time of cellular electrophoresis is shortened, and the Evans blue content in the arterial wall is markedly lowered. 

4. Anti-thrombosis and inhibiting platelet aggregation: Experiment on rats, both in vivo and in vitro, show marked inhibitive action on hemostasis induced by ADP, and decreasing in adhesion and aggregation of platelets. 

5. Anti-atherosclerosis: This product markedly lowers the TG and TC in both hyperlipidemia patients and experimental hyperlipidemia partridges, the size of plaques in these experimental animals are reduced and vanished fast. 

6. Preventing and treating intestinal adhesion: Gastric perfusion with suspension of this product is given to intestinal adhesion rat induced by clamping the intestines, resulting in great amelioration of the adhesion. When administrated to dogs or mice, the intestinal in vivo can be mildly and persistently strengthened. 

7. Protecting chronic liver injury: This product can mitigate the formation and progress of chronic hepatic lesion in rat induced by CCL4 and ethyl alcohol. It inhibits fibrosis and proliferation of fibers. In addition, it also eliminates the immune compound material precipitated in the liver, increases the immunity, turns the HbsAg negative. 

Clinically, this product is applied in chronic active hepatitis, hypertension, liver cirrhosis, cerebral thrombosis, aplastic anemia, chronic leukemia, complications and sequelae of varicose veins, and other diseases in surgery, gynecology, dermatology and neurology. 

1. Chronic active hepatitis and liver cirrhosis: This product was given 1 pill three times daily for 2 months to one year. 40 cases were treated, 22 cases were cured; 12 cases, effective; 4 cases non-effective; the total effective rate being 90%. All symptoms (lassitude, abdominal distension, poor appetite etc.) were ameliorated or vanished, jaundia disappeared, splenomegaly and hepatomegaly decreased, and liver function markedly improved. In 70% cases sGPT returned to normal, in 64.5% cases icterus index and bilirubin returned to normal. 50 cases of cirrhosis with ascitis were treated with concerted with Liujunzi Decoction, 22 cases were markedly effective; 22 effective. After medication, ascites disappeared, half of them with enlarged spleen and liver returned to the normal size. 

2. Hypertension and cerebral thrombosis: 34 cases were treated with this product (modified): one week after medication, the condition begun to mitigate; the paralyzed body parts begun to recover, reaching to its peak effect at the sixth week. 25 cases were clinically cured; 6 cases, markedly effective; 2, effective; 1 cases non-effective. 

3. Lung cancer, liver cancer: 62 cases of primary lung carcinoma were treated plus Rhizome Sparganii and Rhizome Zedoariae, 4 cases were markedly effective; 34, effective; 2, survived over 3 years; 2, survived over 2 years; 1, 1 year. 

4. Aplastic anemia and chronic leukemia: 16 cases of chronic granulocytic leukemia were treated. After medication, the spleen decreased in size to some extent, of these, 65.5% were markedly decreased, the total effective rate being 87.5%, 1 case, dead; 20 cases treated with myleran alone was inferior to the above group. Indicating this product is helpful as an adjuvant remedy. A case of primary thrombocytopenic purpura, manifesting purpura in the skin, with teeth bleeding, lassitude, vertigo for 5 years, platelet count 62-88X109/L. After 80 doses were given, the platelet increased to 124X109/L. Then honey bolus of this product was administrated 10g daily in two times for one year, the platelet count raised to112-76X109/L. No more bleeding occurred. 

5. Others: 19 cases of varicose veins with complications and sequelae were treated with satisfactory results. Modified recipe of this product also applied in high blood viscosity, chlecystitis, hepatic cyst, ovarian cyst, myoma of uterus, intestinal adhesion, polyphagia, chronic glomerulo-nephritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cervical tubereulous lymphadenitis, tuberculous peritonitis, severe chloasma, all with satisfactory results. 

Excerpt from A Guide to TCM Products, China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2003 

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