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Gearing up for "Frankenstorm"

Posted Oct 28 2012 11:51am
Yes, I am right in the line of fire (or rather, the projected line of fire) for Hurricane Sandy aka the "Frankenstorm" of the century.  Blah, blah, blah.  Last year we had two storms hit us in a 1-2 punch, and that did flood out the lower level plain/river/creek areas.  We had no power outages where I live, but we were rather trapped in town because all of the ways out were in the lower plain levels or were near the local creeks.  No biggie.  We just tucked in and watched as people panicked and bought all of the water, milk, bread and eggs in the stores.  Seriously folks, you will survive.  This is modern civilization here.

Just in case, we've taken in all of the outdoor furniture, potted plants, anything loose that could present a flying hazard if we get a good set of strong winds.  The car is fully gassed up, the propane tank on the outdoor grill is still full from the summer's festivities, in case we lose power and have a burning desire to heat something up for meals.  Otherwise, we have plenty of food in our normally well stocked fridge and pantry, and plenty of our normal supply of bottled water and assorted drinks.

I suspect that this whole storm, by the time it actually hits us, will be blown out of proportion by the media.  I just read that NY will be shutting down the subway system by 7pm this evening.  You will recall, that they did that last year for Irene and Lee, and NOTHING happened to the subway system.  Not that I'm saying that this isn't a good preventative measure -- I firmly believe that it IS a good measure for the sake of public protection -- but I don't think there will be as much damage as the media is predicting.  After all, the media does love to blow things out of proportion, in the name of increasing their subscription rates and number of viewers.

Just think of how well the local stores are making out due to this early panicking.  Our local hardware store is all sold out of generators already.  Same thing happens when a big snow storm is projected -- they sell out of shovels, snow blowers and rock salt like **that**.  (Seriously people, do you not have your shovel, rock salt and snow blower from LAST year?  I know that I do!)

French toast anyone?  (bread, eggs, milk)

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