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Gallbladder Stones Home Remedies

Posted Feb 08 2010 9:08pm
One who has experienced it only can know what gallbladder pain is! Gallbladder has a very important part to play in the digestion of fatty food we eat. However, when stones develop in the gallbladder, they not only hamper with its work but also cause near to intolerable pain. As the golden words go- Prevention is always better than cure. Don't let these gall stones develop at the first place. How? By drinking lots of water, exercising, eating healthy and most important by avoiding junk food (that is essentially fatty rich food). However, some causes like excessive estrogen hormone and hereditary reasons can't be prevented. And if you are one who suffer from gall bladder stones due to these reasons, there is only one way out- gallbladder treatment! Before deciding for surgery, you must always give a try to home remedies for gall bladder stones because if these gallstones are small enough, they can dissolve and you can get rid of painful experiences without going in for any surgery. Read home remedies for gallbladder stones
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