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Funny things about gastric bypass

Posted Jul 07 2008 7:17pm
I'm just free-flowing with my thoughts tonight. Already did a post about my job (see post below this one). Now here's a personal one.

Weight today 150 lbs. But I've fluctuated in the past week from 147 to 152.

I never noticed this much, until after gastric bypass, but I belch. Like a man. Like, a lot! It's not necessarily noisy, but it's often. Especially when I've just finished eating, and it's starting to digest. It bubbles up from my pouch, and burppppp there it goes. Sometimes it's more of a tummy rumbling sound, but it definitely starts in the pouch, and works it's way up and out. I'm guessing that it's the digestion going on, and any air I may have swallowed with my food, is working it's way back out from whence it came.

Funny huh? Never pictured I would be such a belcher/burper.

I also focus a whole lot on my digestive system and it's health. Not obsessively, but I notice the little nuances that I never noticed before surgery. The burping. Episodes of heartburn (I do have reflux disease, that was present for many years before surgery). Changes to BM - color, consistancy, frequency, etc. Egads, I sound like a bowel obsessed elderly person that I always dreaded caring for when I was a nursing student!

At least -- for now -- I don't take any stool softeners or laxatives, or anything else along those lines. Hehehe...yet.

Oh yeah, post op pooping, while I'm on that topic. Oh boy, does your stool ever change! I get grumpy and feel bloated, and even get stomach pain, if it's been more than 1-2 days since I had a BM.

Which reminds me, with this heat lately, I must drink more water and less coffee. I'm sitting with a cup of freshly brewed Starbucks right now. I'm so freaking addicted.

Wait! Coffee does count as a laxative/stimulant. And I do rely on that morning cup to get things going. Shoot. I'm a bowel fixated elderly person.

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