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Friday Photo: Mitch Hedberg Is A What?

Posted May 24 2013 8:45am

mitch hedberg I used to judge people who dressed up their dogs until I found out that some dogs actually need clothing to keep warm in certain climates.  I used to judge people who wasted money on silly things like Dog DNA tests, until Mitch Hedberg entered our lives and I became one of them.

Mitch looks like an oversized chihuahua with a hint of something else.  With his underbite that makes him always look like something smells bad, his feather duster tail, and his ginormous whatsit ears, Steve and I were very curious to find out what that something else was.

Since Steve and I are only human, and marketers play to the emotions of crazy people, we broke down and bought a DNA test .  Two cheek swabs later and Mitch was ready for Maury Povich.  On a separate yet related note, I felt shame.

I’ve written before how visual breed identification is so unreliable , but I thought that some dogs were easy to identify.  And I, being a dog obsessed insane person for sure would be right.  Mitch had to be mostly chihuahua.  And as it turns out, I was incredibly wrong.

Drum roll please!  Mitch Hedberg is (mostly)…

A Pomeranian.  Wait.  What?  This fluffer?
downloadimage via

Tis true.  Mitch is 50% pomeranian, 25% chihuahua, and 25% mixed breed.  And that remaining 25% has high likelihood of dalmatian in there.  I guess the short genes were dominant.  Sorry Mitch.

My being so confident in guessing Mitch’s background makes me question the beagle dachshund mix I tell Bea she is every day.  So we are going to have her tested too.  Hopefully if it turns out I’m wrong, she wont hate me for life for not knowing who her father is.

Have a great weekend!

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