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Friday Photo: Bea Arthur And Her Nose Are Sensitive

Posted Mar 01 2013 7:30pm

Bea Arthur had separation anxiety when we first had her and it took about 8 weeks of constant training for her to see that us leaving is not a big deal.  It wasn’t easy and some days I just wanted to give up.  But then something clicked.  She got it.  She understood that we will always be back for her.  Now when we leave her, she sleeps the majority of the time, and she is perfectly housebroken and not destructive. 

She does get sneaky sometimes though.  One time we left her to go to the movies and when we got back, she had devoured a whole bag of chicken treats (our fault, we left them out).  Recently, we’ve come home to find her hilariously cuddling with our shoes (I read somewhere that dogs find articles of clothing and shoes calming due to their owner’s scent).

Last night we came home to find spooning with a t-shirt that I wear to bed.  Super adorable (but incredibly creepy if she were human).

bea arthur

If you ever want to live with a being that is totally and utterly obsessed with you in the best way possible, get a dog.  I highly recommend it.

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