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Friday Photo: An Epiphany

Posted Apr 05 2013 6:00am

IMG_2077Bea makes me feel terrible all the time.  Terrible for leaving her at home when I have to run errands.  Terrible for making her practice portion control.  Terrible for not feeding her at the dining room table.  Terrible for crating her while she’s at nose work class.  Terrible for not hugging her ALL the time.  It’s probably best that I don’t have children.

And then yesterday it hit me! I finally figured out why I feel so incredibly guilty.   Bea looks like she’s about to cry.  All the time.  Happy, hungry, excited, tired – all of them seemingly bring her to the brink of tears.  Her eyes are large and round and watery all the time which leaves me an emotional idiot.

Seriously, what the hell Bea?  Is life really that terrible?
cute dog IMG_0858 IMG_0555

And now I’m on to her.  I must.  stay.  stro….who am I kidding

IMG_1228 Have a great weekend!


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