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Frequent urination with period like cramps and faigue

Posted by sunshine

I can't stop peeing!I drink enough water-my pee is clear. I rarely drink any sodas or caffeine aside from the once or twice a week half cup of coffee. I have only has maybe one or two alcoholic drinks in the past few days, and none today. I am very healthy, eat well and take care of myself.

This began a few days ago. I need to go and it's almost urgent. Most of the time pee actually comes out; other times, nothing does but I don't bet up because I have that feeling that something is there. Right now I feel like I have to pee when I just went not even half an hour ago.(I only got dribble.) It doesn't hurt and there is no odor.My vagina and bladder feel "full".I was at the dr this week and was put on antibiotics for a mild vaginal infection. Besides that nothing else was wrong with me. I'm so uncomfortable right now! I can't even sleep!I have light cramps in my pelvic area similar to period cramps but no period, which is due any day now. Help!! It's so uncomfortable, I almost can't sit still.

I have also noticed that I feel very fatigued. I don't know if it's the anitbotics and the anti-anxiety meds I'm on (which never made me this lethargic before.) I don't usually gets the cramps until after my period, which hasn't shown up yet. Help, please! I can't afford a doctor so I don't want to waste my time going if nothing is wrong!

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