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Foul Smelling Urine

Posted by Michelle644

For the last few months (6 or so) I noticed that my urine is cloudy and has a strong unpleasant ordor to it.  I went to the Doctor and they checked .. and it is not a urine infection? The Doctor told me to go and have a Pap smear done.  With a low paying job and a high deductible I am having a hard time getting there....apparently, I also make to much to any kind of help, yikes!!!  So, I've been trying to figure out what it can be? Any suggestions?


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Have you changed your diet recently?  For example, asparagus is notorious for making one's urine foul-smelling.  As long as you're not running to the bathroom frequently with a sense of urgency to painfully urinate, then it's not likely that you have a urinary tract infection as the cause of your foul-smelling urine.  

I'm not sure what a Pap smear would tell you about your urine.  On the other hand, are you sure it's your urine that smells?  And not some vaginal discharge?  Or perhaps a forgotten tampon?   

Regardless, you should still get your Pap smear, assuming that you're sexually active, despite your high deductible insurance.  There are many low cost and even free health care options available to you (Planned Parenthood comes to mind).  Without intending to be self-promoting, you can take a look at my website for the specific tab/page or just search for the same information.  Good luck!  

First off..thank you for answering me!!  "No, I have not changed my diet. I am not running to the bathroom nothing has changed there! Just the smell. I have no discharge...forgotten tampon hummm???

I had a Pap last Thrusday and I haven't hear back yet so, I'm assuming that everything is fine. I will look at your website!!

Thank you, again!


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