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Forget about willpower: change in the new year is all about personal power.

Posted Dec 20 2010 12:00am

Backlitcloudedited550 Personal power is just about the coolest thing in the universe, yet it eludes so many of us on a consistent basis and often when we need it the most. This year, I have a crazy idea for dealing with willpower during the holidays.  You know willpower, the reluctant invited guest to all of your holiday baking, partying and visiting.  I don't know about you, but for me she is dragged kicking and screaming everywhere I go, especially during the holidays.

I have to cajole and bargain with her to show up to parties to prevent me from eating those last morsels of delectable holiday treats.  She is a real pill when it comes to exercising. For goodness sakes, if she would just show up when promised, I could do those extra fifteen minutes on the stationary bike and make calorie space for a treat or two.  Anyway, willpower is not the kind of guest to show up uninvited, that's for sure.

My crazy idea is to not invite willpower to hang out, especially for those nasty little things we call New Year's Resolutions.  Instead, call up your own personal power; it's hiding inside you somewhere.  Wake her up from her nap if she has been sleeping.  If she hides in certain situations, let her know it's okay to come out and show her stuff. 

For some people personal power is a dusty ratty old thing from years of neglect, for others it's a complete stranger. some folks are well acquainted with their personal power only to have her slip away in tricky situations.  I say make friends with your personal power and let that guide your goals , desires and intentions.

It's true, personal power is where it's at, where the true grit of our life essence hangs out.  It's about strength and confidence, self-realization and transcendent goals. It's about being self-full and letting others live their own lives.  It's about striving for self-love and love of others.

So, this holiday season, and in the flush of wanting change in the new year, check-in with your personal power, visualize the self you want to be and make choices from that centered place.

When I go to my good friends, Eleni and Jim's tonight, for our traditional holiday dinner together, I am going to pack my vision in my back pocket, tuck my personal power in my heart and eat until I am full and no more.

Sixty is right around the corner lurking in the early shadows of the new year and I want to meet this new decade with vim and vigor and no extra padding! 

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