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For the last two days it hurts when I raise my arm towards the sky.It hurts from the armpit down to my nipple.My armpit is more

Posted by ked1982

I also have what looks like a  third breast under my left breast.I spoke with my dr. She told me it was some kind of fatty tissuse there.I had breast pain then too.It was no where near the pain I've felt the last two days.I had an ultra sound of the left breast about four months ago.nothing was found but was told to get a cat scan done for more testing.My dr. said to not worry about it unless it get worst.The pain did not suside but didn't get worst till two days ago.Now the pains at about a 7 1/2 on the pain scale.My armpit is swollen on the left side and the breast is draker then the right side.Please help.
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