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Food post ahead!

Posted Jul 26 2008 10:15am
Yep! You read it right! Another food post. Cause you know us post gastric bypass people still like to eat food!

No pictures of tonight's dinner concoction, so you'll just have to settle for words and descriptions :-)

Tonight's dinner extrordinaire was.....Sheppard's Pie!!

Ground beef as the bottom layer, followed by sauteed leftover mushrooms and onions from last night's steak dinner. (Yum!) Next layer: homemade beef gravy. Yes, yours truly can actually make homemade gravy. Over that was corn with lima beans and some green beans. Lastly, the mashed potatoes. Top with a sprinkling of salt and fresh cracked black pepper, bake at 350 for 30 minutes. And...ENJOY!

My teenage son actually was bugging me for when dinner was going to be ready so he could eat. He's huuuuuungry! Oh, and he also mentioned that this is one of his FAVORITE meals. Hmmm, really? Scratching head on that one. This is one of the pickiest eaters, next to my almost 5 year old daughter, who is even more picky than her brother.

My son promptly ate 2 whole bowls of dinner! WOW! Of course, my daughter stuck her nose up at the whole thing. When she heard I was making "pie" for dinner, she thought it was the "good kind" of pie. Not the "yucky kind." Too bad for you kiddo - this is dinner. Eat it, or nighty night to you. (Boo, hiss! Yes, I'm a mean mom like that!)

Anyhow......back to making that gravy.

I used:

3 beef bullion cubes

2 cups water

leftover grease from the ground beef


Boil it all up, keep stirring, work at getting the lumps out (I wasn't too successful in getting rid of a lot of the lumps). But it tasted good!

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