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First year as a CNM -- job searching

Posted Jun 17 2013 11:21am
So, I graduated from my MSN program, passed my certification exam, am working on applying for my CNM state license, and I am also looking for a CNM position.

I have an interview this week for a low income women's health clinic, where there is currently only one CNM (and several MDs).  The CNM is a friend of mine, and is so overwhelmed with how busy she is in the clinic!  She definitely sees the need for at least one more CNM to share the workload in the clinic and call time in the hospital.  Currently, she sees at least 5-6 new OB clients each day she is in the clinic.  EACH DAY!!  Her schedule is so packed that new OBs can't make a first appointment for several months.  Definitely a need for more providers!

Another job lead seems to be in a holding pattern.  This is a laborist midwife position for another low income women's clinic, and would be hospital only.  There are currently no CNMs working with this clinic, so this is a new position.  I have heard from the assistant director of nursing, and she said that the HR dept should be calling me in about a month to schedule an interview.

None of the private practices nearby are hiring CNMs.

I haven't yet branched out to other areas within an hour's drive, but I may need to start doing that.  In the meanwhile, this CNM is continuing to work diligently as an L&D RN.  Oh, and taking advantage of the fact that I have downtime.  I've read a huge pile of fiction as well as non-fiction books in the past few weeks.  It feels SO GOOD to have downtime again!

Things that I wish my school had better prepared me for: searching for a job, contract negotiations, interviewing for jobs, malpractice insurance and liability.  Things that I'm sure I will also need to know in the (near) future: billing and coding.  We did review this a little bit at Frontier, but I suppose that it's one of those things where you have to actually do it (frequently, repeatedly) to learn it.  It also changes from year to year.  Health information technology (IT) would have been a good subject to implement into the courses as well.

I don't blame Frontier for not covering each and every topic related to midwifery.  After all, I think they did an amazing job with providing the basic midwifery education that's required as a beginning practitioner.  I feel that my education has given me a solid base upon which to build up my midwifery practice.

When I finally secure a position, that is.

Til then, just sign me --- well educated RN.
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