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First what is a normal prolactin level? Mine came back at 33 and my doctor wanted to look deeper is he overeacting?

Posted by mel

Well medical history, I was diagnosed with a vitamin B12 deficiency in December, was given six progesterone shots by this doctor to apparently alleviate the problem and when I switched doctors he ordered some bloodwork to test hormone levels and now prolactin levels are high.  My eyes sight has stayed the same, I have felt dizzy but I was diagnosed with anxiety, and mild depression due to the deficiency.  I was on zanax for about a month and a half.25 twice a day.  Right now I'm taking multivitamins and a Bcomplex vitamin once a day.  As I mentioned I have had sinus problems, but we just moved from the east coast to the desert so my husband has the same problems.  Can prolactin levels increase due to stress, cause I have been under extreme stress especially after the doctor gave me the results.  Any advice you can give is greatly appreciated
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