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essure - Attending to Women’s Health with New Procedures

Posted Mar 29 2012 12:14pm
Women have special medical needs that require specific kinds of treatments and medications. The pain of menstrual cramps cannot be dealt with by any general kind of pain medication. It requires a specific solution that many women rely on. One of the emerging treatments for PMS and menstrual cramps is HerOption. It is a treatment that does not require surgery but does require a visit to the doctor. A more comprehensive option is a product referred to as essure. Women, who are having severe menstrual pains each month or want to investigate the possibility of preventing pregnancy for the rest of their lives, should talk to their doctors about these two procedures.

The process for prescribing and using HerOption is very comprehensive. Before your doctor will approve the use of this product, she first needs to determine if you are experiencing any kind of urinary tract infection or other related condition. Once the tests for these conditions have been completed, the doctor can move forward with recommending the treatment. The product known as essure is a little different in that it also helps to prevent pregnancy for the remainder of the woman’s life. The product creates a barrier that can control the menstrual cycle and prevent pregnancy permanently. It is known to be extremely safe and extremely effective.

Neither HerOption nor essure are severely invasive products. One of the major differences between the two products is that the former is a regular therapy that your doctor applies while the latter is something your doctor applies once and it does its job indefinitely. In both cases, an office visit is required and that would probably result in a standard co-pay. But most women will find that both of these products are covered by their health insurance so long as the doctor deems the products necessary.

For women that have been trying to find effective ways to control persistent and heavy menstrual flows, there is the HerOption product. It is a therapy treatment applied by your doctor without the use of surgery and without causing any unnecessary discomfort. The essure product prevents pregnancy permanently while not disrupting any other part of the woman’s life. Both procedures are completely safe and they are both worth discussing the next time that a woman has an appointment to see her doctor. These will be the products that allow a woman to live her life comfortably and how she chooses.
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