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Enzymes Natural Protection from Illness

Posted Oct 10 2009 10:02pm out BodyZyme Here

BodyZyme is a potent systemic enzyme. What are Enzymes? Enzymes are protein based sustances found in every cell of every plant and animal. Millions of these timy enzymes work throughout our bodies causing reactions to take place... aiding our breathing, circulation, digestion... helping to reduce inflammation, fight disease, look good, and live longer. Enzymes are catalysts, they either start or accelerate chemical reactions. They can be found in the food we eat, especially in fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains.

If I have them naturally and eat them with my food, why should I take enzyme supplements?
As we age, the activity level and quantity of our enzymes decreases. Even if we all ate the USDA recommended 3-5 servings of vegetables and 2-3 servings of fruit daily (only 10% of Americans actually do), the fruit and vegetables that most of us have access to have been in storage for at least a day or two. The enzymatic level of food is reduced by storage, as well as pesticides and other toxins in our food, water, and air.

Enzymes have a great effect upon the entire immune function. White blood cells contain digestive enzymes such as alkaline phosphatase, lipase, protease, amylase and peptidase, which are part of the pancreatic juices, and are only a part of many enzymes that increase immune function.

Pancreatin contains the pancreatic enzymes amylase, lipase, and trypsin. These useful pancreatic enzymes assist in the breakdown of starches, fats, and proteins. These white blood cell enzymes act to destroy bacterial and viral proteins (which may cause disease) and also act on improperly digested food. It has been shown that the white blood cell concentration in the stomach and the intestines increase with digestion as white blood cell enzymes are needed to help with the breakdown and assimilation of food. A diet rich in raw food, and using herbs as food and medicine is rich in enzymes, which predigest the food in the stomach sparing the body's white blood cell reserve. This is why a decreased appetite and/or nausea often accompanies a disease process. Also, digesting cooked or processed foods requires energy and white blood cells that are needed elsewhere to fight the disease process. Brain chemistry turns off the hunger center in the brain as needed so the immune system can be at peak function to fight the disease process.

The use of enzymes as a supplement with meals has been popular for some time. We consume cooked and processed foods such as fast foods that are nutritionally incomplete. This adds to the burden of the pancreas and immune system to replace lost enzymes, robbing the body of energy production, enzyme reserve and function. Enzyme supplementation with meals is a very good preventive measure.

A good general digestive formula, which also helps the body to adjust to its proper weight and works great for weight loss, should contain betain HCI (increases stomach acidity), pancreatin and pancrelipase ( digests starches, fats, proteins), papain (digests proteins), pepsin (digests proteins), diatase (digest starches), and Ox Bile (digests fat).

Many herbs are enzyme activators that potentiate and enhance enzymatic action while reducing inflammation, removing gas and increasing digestion: Fenugreek (Trigonella foenumgraecum) is one of these herbs.

Fenugreek is cleansing to the bronchial passages of catarrh and other irritants and extraneous materials. It is useful for all mucus conditions and for lung congestion; soothing to inflamed conditions of the stomach and intestines and for ulcers; effective as a poultice on wounds, inflamed areas, boils and carbuncles. May be used as a lubricant for the intestines, as a digestive aid, for fevers, diabetes, gout, and as an aphrodisiac and rejuvenator. A suggested dosage of Fenugreek is two or more 500 mg capsules, 10-15 minutes before meals. If more is needed you should consult your health practitioner. It is important that your physician evaluates persistent digestive problems.

BodyZyme Enzyme Supplement

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