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enlarged thyroid & enlarged ovary

Posted by samitch24

I have an enlarged thyroid and an enlarged ovary. i had tests on my thyroid and everything came back fine. Could this be caused by the same thing? or should i have more tests?

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I just found out on friday via CT scan that i have a thyriod lump and enlarged ovaries.

I am having an ultrasound on monday......

did you also have the same thing? My thyriod blood work also came back fine, for the past 6 months i have been tested about 4 times.

Help!! Did you have an opertation on the thyriod lump and a ultrasound also?


Thyroid lumps are called goiter, caused by lack of potassium iodine (aka iodine).  Breasts and Thyroids need potassium iodine and all the other cells in our bodies need Iodine, including Ovaries and all sex organs (even prostate!).

If thyroid labs only contain TSH test, that isn't enough.  FT3/FT4 should also be tested.  T4 is storage hormone and F (free) T3 is the amount of active hormone in your blood.  Besides Iodine, it's important to have all the nutrients for convert T4 to T3.  Some of them include iron, selenium, magnesium, etc. 

Get educated: and Dr David Brownstein's books: "Iodine, why we need it and can't live without it" and "Overcoming thyroid disorders".  A product my daughter is getting good results on is: BioSuperfood from  Dr Brownstein recommends Iodoral.

 Take your health in your own hands and learn, learn, learn!

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