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enlarged ovary found during manual exam and dr dismissed, should i be concerned?

Posted by sydneyj82

This morning i went to the obgyn and after my pap my dr asked me if i was feeling ok. i said that i have felt great and she said that based on her manual exam it felt like one of my ovaries was enlarged. i am on bc and she asked if i had been consistant. i have been - never missed a pill - so she just dismissed it. i felt uneasy about leaving without any direction so i called back later today and asked what it meant and what we could do. she said that if i want to i can come in for an ultrasound when i have my period - i am expecting my period next week and was supposed to celebrate an anniversary so i was going to skip my placebo pills in my pill pack (like she has suggested in the past) but now i dont know if that will throw off the ultra sound since she wanted me on my period for it. also, im wondering if i am overreacting and dont need the ultrasound in the first place since she only suggested it after i called back. any recommendations? i am very concerned but i tend to overreact and ive been told that if im only getting the ultrasound bc i called back, then maybe i don't need to hassle with it at all and i should just go on with my plan and skip my period for my anniversary? ugh - frustrated and concerned
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