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Engagement rings for men

Posted Jan 12 2013 9:05am

Engagement rings for men

there is a revolution in the domain of engagement rings and engagement rings for men are becoming more and more popular. Of course, these engagement rings for men should not be encrusted with a single diamond in the center and must not have other highlighted features.


Subtle and discrete models are more practical, especially because men do not want to be uncomfortable at work, in the context of domestic work or when they engage in various sports activities. Many of the engagement rings for men are simple rings, possibly engraved or decorated in a minimalist way. Many women choose to give their man engagement rings engraved with phrases of love, an important date or other symbolic elements, to add individuality and privacy, without being too obvious.

There are men who prefer to wear more elaborate models when it comes to engagement ring. Rings made of different metals such as white gold or yellow gold and platinum represent a way to share the distinction, without using gems. Textured rings are also popular, being decorated with engravings that form various intricate patterns along their surface. In the case of the Mokume Gane engagement rings there are used various metal alloys to create a complicated pattern that is distinctive without being ostentatious. Titanium engagement rings are another popular choice because metal can provide bright shades of blue, purple and other colors.

Just as with women’s engagement rings, many engagement rings for men are adorned with diamonds. However, men’s engagement rings are adorned with a large diamond in the center, surrounded by smaller stones. Although engagement rings for men can be decorated with one diamond (usually placed in a corner or elsewhere subtle), if using more diamonds, no single diamond is revealed against the others. Articles from  wedding dress factory

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