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Elevated protein in urine?

Posted by frenchroses

I have frequent urinary tract infections. The last one was a month ago and took two rounds of antibiotics to clear. I have had the same symptoms of an infection for the last few days and went in yesterday for a urinalysis. The results came back showing no infection but did show white blood cells and an increased protein content. Over the last year I have had 7 out of 8 urine tests come back with levels of protein that were above the "normal high" levels and until I asked my doctor today no one ever mentioned anything about it. Now she is having me come in for another urine test tomorrow (one of the previous tests showed 100mg and the one yesterday showed 50mg). Is there something that could be causing the symptoms, elevated protein and white blood cells (other than a UTI which i've been told it isn't)? Thanks so much!
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