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Egg Donation Surrogates

Posted Jul 04 2011 6:02pm
Fertility treatment is on the rise! Lifestyles, delaying decisions to procreate and be available parents, waiting for the right partner and more are all contributing to the life dilemma of needing egg donation surrogates.
So what is the difference? What are egg donation surrogates? Essentially this topic calls for a description of the key aspects involved in procreating with a third party.
Surrogacy: Gestational and traditional surrogacy forms exist. Gestational surrogacy is when the surrogate is a different woman to the egg donor. The latter may actually be provided by the commissioning parent, but the surrogate is purely a carrier and fertilisation is usually outside of the body artifically.
Traditional surrogacy is when the surrogate mother contributes the donor egg too! Traditional surrogates are egg donation surrogates. This type of surrogacy is more infrequent and discouraged to actively seperate emotional and genetic aspects of the surrogacy. It makes it easier for the surrogate mother and commissioning parent if such a close association is not at play.
Egg donors are young healthy woman who donate their eggs. In South Africa, egg donation is anonymous, so no identity is revealed. The role of the egg donation agent is to facilitate this aspect in the best interests of egg donor and egg donation recipient.
Whether proceeding on an egg donor and/ or surrogate program, professional and experienced assistance is required to support and guide. baby2mom Egg Donation Agency facilitates egg donation surrogates through the online egg donor site,
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