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Posted Jun 26 2010 7:46am

I know - I giggle when I hear made up, rather nerdy sounding words, too.

I'm in the lovely Mile-High City (that would be Denver) for a collision of all my worlds: Parenting-meets-Blogging-meets-Education. My head just might explode.

Earlier in the year when I went to Houston for Mom2.0, I met Karen of Volunteer Spot - this really cool online tool for organizing people or tasks. It's like an online sign-up sheet on steroids.  Turns out her two biggest audiences are parents and teachers.  And it also turns out that I'm a parent and a former teacher, who still works in education.  To be more specific, in social media for educators. So when Karen mentioned EduBloggerCon , the fit seemed downright creepy.

I'm here to learn more about education, technology, social media, and to let educators know about Volunteer Spot .  After today, I'll be here in a more official capacity in conjunction with the main conference ( ISTE ) for my day job.

But I thought, while I'm at it, why don't I tell my fellow bad-ass mother bloggers about Volunteer Spot and how it can save you from the trials and tribulations of grade-school mayhem, letting you coordinate your class parent duties, your snack schedules, your kickball calendar, and all that awesome charity work you do in your spare time.  Heck, use it to set up a hot-dish schedule for your friend that just had a baby.

My trip so far has been... interesting. My check in at the airport was the easiest of my life. The flight was great and I met a lovely woman sitting next to me who was full of advice for my current life situation (feel free to email me if you're still not in the loop on the PW-protected blog). The rental car company was exceedingly friendly (Enterprise), and I found my way to my hotel in the dark without a single wrong turn.

But then the fun stopped.  My hotel is downright awful. Straight-up sketchy. I was accosted by a homeless woman in the parking lot who came up behind me without my realizing it while I got my luggage out of the car, scaring the bejeezus out of me. It's a motel set up with outdoor access only, complete with buzzing yellow lights, and a decrepit elevator that smells like pee!

I looked high and low for different arrangements (this hotel was set by my company), and couldn't find a thing.  The whole town is booked solid.

This morning, I awoke to a dead laptop because the outlet at the desk isn't functional. Which also meant I had to make my coffee in the bathroom. I use the word coffee with a certain sense of irony.

BUT, I'm excited about meeting all the edubloggers today and the topics (it's an un-conference) are looking very interesting.

Wish me luck!

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