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ectopic pregnancy

Posted Aug 31 2010 10:22pm
i have had an ectopic pregnancy about a year ago it is the worst pain in the world. I was 25 years old and i was in full swing i already have two kids and i didnt want another, well god had other plans to slow me down. One morning i woke up planning to go to work but when i was attempting to stand i fell there was pain in my back and side and i couldnt walk the pain was so horrible i was shedding tears well my husband rushed me to the hospital and they ran all these test and when they came back in they told me "We have good news and we have bad news" I was expecting the worst when the nurse told me i was 4 weeks pregnant but I was experenicing an ectopic pregnancy and the doctor would be in to go over options. When he came in to the room he told me the baby would not survive and we could either try removing the tube it was in are i could have afull hysterectemy. Well i choose the removal, I was immediatly taken in to surgey. Know im wondering can or will i be able to get pregnant again?
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