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DV Reform requires a two prong approach: written by Alexis A. Moore

Posted Jun 06 2011 12:00am
DV Reform requires a two prong approach: We not only need to strengthen the laws against violence and stalking,we also need to reach out to offer the victims some real help!

The truth is there is not any organization “picking up the slack anywhere”, instead there are non-profits founded on every corner honoring a loved one’s memory or that offer the same exact services that our nation’s shelters are doing. What is really needed is “real help” for victims in 2011.

Real help is defined as providing victims with the tools that they need to become survivors in 2011. It starts with a total reform of domestic violence victim resources starting from the national level working down to the shelter level.

Victims are a diverse group and come from all backgrounds and the “cookie cutter approach” is not working. For example victims have children, some victims have jobs, some don’t- some victims are in relationships with cops, judges, attorneys, celebrities, public officials, along with the “average joe” batterer/stalker. In addition, victims are stalked and cyberstalked when they flee and there is no agency assisting stalking victims anywhere, except a handful of volunteers (myself being one of them) in the nation today- this is ridiculous to say the least since 76% of female homicide victims are stalked prior to their deaths. (DOJ stat)

We need the domestic violence resources of today to reflect the victims that they serve by providing services that victims need in 2011. The services today are antiquated and tend to do more harm than good because they fail to address the numbers that are being left behind and what needs to be done so that victims – all victims, regardless of age, gender, offender occupation or martial status, get the help and support they need.

One key point is: Public policy changes without reform of victim resources and this does little because all of the laws on the books mean nothing if a victim dies reaching out for help relying on the law alone – resources providing support and “real help” and the laws work hand in hand.

What needs to be done to reform the domestic violence resources of today is very “doable”; however, it takes leadership that is willing to put the needs of the victims first above all else. This is very difficult for those presently employed by the DV Establishment today because they are all tied to politics and special interests and, frankly, they don’t have the passion to do what is needed. We need leadership that will put victims needs first and the bureaucracy second, always.

In addition to myself, I know of countless men and women from across the nation that are ready, willing and able to roll up their sleeves and help ensure no victim is left behind and do the “heavy lifting” to help reform the victim services and resources of today all we are waiting for is the opportunity to take action.

The White House Advisor for Violence Against Women Sarah Lynn Rosenthal knows of this offer and that the resources are in dire need of reform; however, she has failed to take any action- we need action, not words, and fast, or more lives will continue to be lost.

For every statement I have made above I have evidence that I can provide in support which is why DV REFORM (domestic violence victim resource and public policy reform) was launched by Survivors In Action in 2009. We were told by Ms. Rosenthal that she needed evidence to support that victims were falling through the cracks. We have the evidence. Now we need action.


Alexis A. Moore .
Founder:Survivors In Action
4354 Town Center Blvd., Suite #114-143
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
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