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during my menstual period I get small blister on hands only,what is causing this?

Posted by farmlady

A year ago I got some small blisters on the palm of my hand about the size of a pinhead 5-6 in a spot.They itch really bad. After a couple of days it goes away till next month. This period I got them on top of my finger instead of the palm.What is my body giving off or getting rid of during this time. My papsmears comes back fine.I had the same husband for over 16 years. I do have a low thyroid for 24 years, I dont think that is the problem.What is  going on, my doctor just kind of looks at me and says "I dont think it is serious. If it continues to bother you come back and see me."  I think that was why Iwas there in the first place.
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Blisters are tricky.They can caused by friction, heat, cold, interaction with some substance or some type of infection/skin condition. Something you may want to look into is general eczema and dyshidrosis. If you do have eczema, there could be something that you're touching that's triggering your skin to react in such a way, or it could be the hormones in your body are causing it to happen.


Next time you have a flare up you should see if you can seee a dermatologist. They'll be able to  give you a better idea of what might be happening with your skin. Remember you should always talk to your doctor before starting any treatement. Good luck!

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