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During my D & C my Dr. could not open my cervix. He said I may have scar tissue. What does this mean?

Posted by angl

I have a 5.8 uterus lining and some bleeding. Dr. tried in the office to take a sample but could not get the cervix to open. We decided to do a D & C and take a biopsy then but during the procedure he says he could not get the cervix to open and there was possible scar tissue there. My appointment back with him is Sept. 21 but was doing my own research as to what this might mean. Got any thoughts on this? I have only one child delivered C-section...Had a tubligation and appendix out. There is scar tissue in that area but not sure what would cause scar tissue on the cervix. I was in labor for 14 hrs and the baby was under stress so a C-section was done. I am 57yrs.old


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