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Dogs for Detox – How Spot’s Run Saved the Holidays

Posted Jan 25 2010 12:00am

Christmas 2009 was a rough holiday season for many of my friends and clients. Not only was traveling long distances on the menu, a heaping dose of family strife and food planning problems were served up. Yet, a few calmer people reported back to me that their holidays were saved by their four-legged friends!

One client, I’ll call her MJ, decided to finally take the family dog on their day-long road trip south to visit the in-laws for Christmas this year. In the past, she had been asked by her husband’s family to leave her pet with friends or in a kennel. This year was different: she asked to bring the dog and keep him in the garage. Little did she know that bringing her favorite pet would dramatically improve her health over the holidays.

Rather than playing into the yearly repeated drama of emotional eating over Christmas (her in-laws are stress inducing to say the least!), MJ used her dog as an excuse to exit the house often for long, relaxing walks. Leaving behind the emotional turmoil, MJ not only got more exercise this Christmas, she didn’t feel the need to push down her sorrows and anger with food and alcohol. Instead of sticking around for the constant family upsets, MJ just removed herself from other people’s dramas and focused on what she loved – sharing quiet walks with her kids, husband and dog.

Thanks Spot!

This is just one of the many free, healthful methods you can use and integrate in your future holiday and travel plans to avoid the common pitfalls of “vacation eating” and emotional bingeing.

(Finally willing to get a pet? Be sure to rescue a friend rather than buying one from a pet farm! Rescue a dog here: )

Be well,


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