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Does Plan B work during ovulation?

Posted by JLM

I have a question about emergency contraception. It was last Wednesday that my boyfriend and I had sex and the condom broke. In addition to the condom, I inserted spermicidal jelly right before. After the incident, we went straight to the drugstore and got Plan B. I took it right away, within the hour that it happened. What concerns me is that I think I was ovulating at the time and read somewhere that EC is not effective if you have already ovulated. If this true? How likely is it that I could be pregnant?

I calculated that my typical cycle is 27 days although it usually alternates between 26-29 days. My last period was 1/29/10 and the incident happened on 2/10/10. I felt like I was ovulating the night before plus I've been having slight cramping in my left side since taking EC. What scares me is that I read studies that said EC will not work if you've already ovulated and doesn't affect anything other than preventing ovulation.

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