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Do you think you have a urinary tract infection? Get Help

Posted Jan 21 2011 12:00am
Urinary tract infections come in many forms, and are caused by a bacteria that affects women 10 times more frequently than men. An estimated 30% of UTI’s will subside on their own, but often reoccur if you are infected again by a different form of bacteria.

After seeing your doctor to make sure there are no serious health conditions causing your UTI, Medonin is an effective natural alternative to help speed up recovery times and deter future infections.

If you are looking for help in limiting UTI's or speeding up recovery times, the ingredients in Medonin are probably going to help reduce occurance, and speed healing.


If you are experiencing frequent or occasional Urinary Tract Infections, Medonin has research-proven ingredients to help speed up recovery times and limit future infections.

Now there’s something you can do to help cleanse your system of these bacterial invaders, its called Medonin . This proven all-natural formula combines five urinary tract cleansers and defenders for maximum urinary tract health.

Medonin Formula should be a part of your daily health program:

Cranberry – Cranberry makes urine more acidic. It is believed this acidity creates an unfriendly environment for any organisms to develop. More importantly cranberry seems to make the bladder wall slippery so urine can help to flush away anything that is lurking in the bladder. Our 500-mg cranberry formula gives you all the potent benefits without the sugar, excessive calories, or tart taste.

Blueberry – The natural compound found in blueberries is one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants. As an antioxidant, blueberry helps to protect your urinary tract cells from harmful free radicals. This fruit has also demonstrated its ability to help safeguard the bladder from unfriendly invaders, which can contribute to urinary issues.

D-Mannose – This is a naturally occurring sugar that has unique protective properties for your kidneys and bladder. Our pharmaceutical grade D-Mannose is estimated to be up to 50 times stronger than cranberries. This potent natural sugar is absorbed much more slowly than regular sugars. Eventually it makes its way to your kidneys where it is filtered, and routed to your bladder. It is in the bladder that this super sugar with its unique “anti stick” properties helps promote the flushing and cleansing away of anything that could interfere with bladder health.

Uva- Ursi Leaf – This herb has a long history of being used by millions of people with urinary concerns. It contains a potent natural substance called arbutin that is believed to act as a natural purifier and astringent for the bladder. Uva-Ursi also contains allantoin, which soothes irritated tissues.

Probiotics – Probiotics comes from the Greek expression meaning “for life.” Intestinal probiotics are living, friendly microorganisms that help to improve your body’s micro-flora. They actively protect your urinary tract against the spread of unfriendly microorganisms and yeast’s, while helping to maintain optimum urinary tract health. Our Acidophilus member of the probiotics family gives you 1 billion helpful cultures, to safeguard your system.

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