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do you think Thyroid disease is related to cushing disease

Posted by startingfresh

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Depends who you ask and how big a net you're willing to cast.  For instance, am I related to the president of some foreign country?  I suppose if you go back enough generations (think 'Six Degrees of Separation' or something like that).


First, thyroid disease is a rather generic term.  It can be thought of as overactive or underactive.  It can be iatrogenic (we don't know why), or due to surgical or autoimmune (body attacks itself) conditions, among other things.  


Second, there's Cushing disease vs syndrome.  The syndrome is due to excess steroid, which may or may not be from the adrenal gland.  The disease itself is excess steroid from the adrenal gland but may also be due to a pituitary issue or a cancer secreting excess stimulant hormone.  


I don't believe Cushing is considered an autoimmune condition which might explain one relationship.  However, because the adrenal gland and the thyroid (among other glands) are controlled by the pituitary & hypothalamus, I suppose you could think of the two as related.


Sorry, don't mean to be so wishy washy.  Hope this helps! 

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