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Do you really want to know what’s wrong? Functional Medicine has the answers

Posted Nov 11 2013 5:56pm


When I first got sick at the age of 25, the first doctor I went to gave me pain killers and antidepressants. After being in his office for 5 minutes, I had two powerful prescriptions for drugs that might help the symptoms I was suffering, but wouldn’t solve the root of the problem.


So I found another doctor who would help me heal my body. That doctor had a different approach, called functional medicine.


What a difference! The second doctor spent an hour with me talking about my diet, family history, lifestyle, and more. By the time I was diagnosed with food-based illnesses, I knew that this doctor had taken the time to understand all of the factors that were causing my illness.


Here’s why you should know about functional medicine (FM):


  • FM tries to heal the root causes of disease rather than just treating symptoms
  • FM brings the patient and practitioner into partnership, rather than a “top-down” doctor-tells-patient-what-to-do model.
  • FM treats the whole person and body as a system, rather than looking at one organ 
  • FM doctors spend more time with patients listening to stories, and looking at lifestyle, environmental, and genetic factors that can play a part in illness



The old system isn’t working. Most modern medicine is structured in an acute-care model to fix trauma and short-term illnesses. If I break my arm, I’ll go to the emergency room.


But we are facing more complex problems than a broken arm. Obesity, heart disease and many cancers need a holistic approach. Most doctors are now specialists with a focus on their particular sliver of medicine. Most of us need doctors with a broader understanding of the complex interactions of genetics, lifestyle and environmental toxicity to help us truly heal.


By integrating the best, proven practices from both modern “Western” medicine and “alternative” or “integrative” medicine, Functional Medicine doctors will treat the whole person with nutrition, exercise, drugs, botanical medicines, supplements, detoxification programs, and stress-management techniques.


In short, you get more tools to truly heal from a FM doctor, and you get a partner.


To help you find a Functional Medicine doctor who can work with you, check out Revive Primary Care. This new service will pair you with a proven practitioner in your area so you can begin truly healing your chronic illness.


I’m honored to support Revive Primary Care’s mission to help grow the awareness of FM, as well as help more people get the care that will truly heal their lives.



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