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Do I have a thyroid problem or could it be something else?

Posted by doodles411

I'm a 24 year old female and I have had odd symtpoms for years that seem to keep getting worse. I never paid much attention to the symptoms because my mother has similar symptoms and she never said anything to me about them being anything serious. My period has always been irregular but even more so now. I skipped my last period and this month it goes from being light one day to just spotting the next. I have aches in my neck, back, legs, and arms. I have lately been switching off between constipation and diarrhea. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorders as a teen and no medicine seemed to help those conditions. I'm a nervous person and my hands shake which is really embarrassing. I sweat excessively also. I could put my hand on a desk for just a few seconds and leave an obvious wet spot. This is also very embarrassing. I have also noticed that lately my skin has been itching and flaking quite a bit. I've never experienced that symptom before now. I was wondering about possible thyroid problems because I was diagnosed with having a goiter when I was about 12 years old. The doctor I saw then said he didn't find any serious signs of a thyroid problem, just the enlargement but that he would keep an eye on it. I switched doctors not long after and that slipped my mind until I decided to look up some of my symptoms that have been getting worse lately. Could it be a thyroid problem or could it be something else? I'm going to the doctor and I'd like all the info I can get on what could be causing my symptoms so I can ask him about it.
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