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dizzy spells/blank mind/light headed/fatigue during my period

Posted by soadlover

hi there,
on wednesday night i went out and drank quite a bit. i had a bad hangover thursday and in the afternoon had a dizzy spell which i hadn't had before with a hangover.
i sort of shrugged it off and thought it was a one-off thing.
the next day i got my period and was even dizzier/light headed which really scared me because i was out in the city and had to sit down cause i thought i was going to fall backwards and pass out. when i got home i figured that it must have been from blood loss so ive been taking liquid iron supplements since.
its now monday (my 4th day on my period) and im still having dizzy spells and feeling really light headed and blank minded. ive been drinking lots of water too and nothings really helped. im sleeping fine, not getting any headaches, eating properly. the only thing ive been doing for the past couple of days is work from (which involves a lot of computer time which is normal for me anyway).
ive also had this random slight high pitched ringing in my right ear on and off over the past few days. this only lasts for a minute or so. maybe i have an inner ear thing? 
im sort of scared to go out by myself at the this point incase i do pass out.
any ideas what this could be? im hoping its not something serious like a brain complication... im quite paranoid.
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