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Divorce as a weight loss plan

Posted Sep 14 2008 1:32pm

Some days it doesn’t pay to get out of bed, but when it comes to my health I guess I really haven’t got that much to complain about. At 43, I’ve never been in the hospital, except when I was born and to visit others (knock wood).

I do, however, have a several issues that can be classified under Need To Be Watched, such as:

  1. Pigmentary Dispersion Syndrome, wherein the color leaks out of the back of my eyeball. Asymptomatic and not a problem unless it turns into glaucoma. Gets me presented at the UAB School of Optometry during Grand Rounds every so often, where the students have to come and look and guess what I have. Great fun.
  2. Tilted ovary, wherein my left ovary tilts way back, and it might actually be stuck to my uterus, but it’s not really a problem unless it start causing pain and if that happens we will have to see.
  3. Weight. A fluctuating problem since my early twenties. There’s usually too much of it. I have lost a lot of it, twice, after getting divorced, but it has always returned. I like to eat too much and I don’t like to exercise just for the sake of exercising. Getting married just so I can get divorced and not want to eat seems extreme. Obviously I know what to do (i.e., eat less and exercise more, see “Who Knew” by Martha Ann, below), but I am largely unmotivated enough to do it.
  4. I had plantar fasciitis. Or maybe I still do, but I mostly only wear good shoes with support now and don’t do as many things that keep me on my feet for too long, so it hasn’t really bothered me too much in a while. It does affect the taking of exercise, though.
  5. Sleep. I can’t do that really well without medication. I fought it for a while, but I have stopped. I’d rather sleep than not.
  6. The one that’s bugging me now - the demon Blood Pressure. I used to not even have blood pressure. Well, it was so low it was hard to find and once, at the Red Cross blood drive, I had them throw out my blood because they said it took to long to collect. But last year, every time I went to the doctor, it was high, and then when I went to the sleep clinic earlier this year (see item 5, above), and they took it every day when I woke up, it was high. So, I went through this whole rigamarole with my GP, where I had to get it taken once a week for two months. I went to the fire station, it was high, I went to other doctors, it was high, I bought my own little machine and took it at night while watching TV (see “not enough exercise” in item 3), and it was fine. So I told the GP, “LO, it isWhite Coat Hypertension, we don’t need to do anything,” and she said... “Not so fast, sister. That just means that whenever you’re stressed, your BP is too high and we do need to control that, so, here, have these diuretics and come back in 3 weeks.” And I am stressed a lot, mostly because of my job, so I see her point. But it has been two weeks and the water pills aren’t working, so next week we will have to see, but I think I will be going on real blood pressure medication.

Which really makes me feel old. Seriously, both of my parents are on medication for hypertension, but I don’t think they started until in their 60s. I just feel way too young for that. But, what’s a girl middle-aged woman to do? I can’t quit my job. I could lose weight which would probably help, but…see above. So I guess I’ll shut up and take my medicine.

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