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Dispelling the Myths of Hysteria

Posted Sep 17 2009 9:27am

As a woman who has lived a tumultous childhood, I've proudly been going through my days completely assured that I've survived " The" ordeal of my life, and that everything thereafter will be peaches and cream.

This is absolutely not the case, and frankly, it is rediculous of me to assume that it is.  You see, as we age, the emotional problems that have not been dealt with become in some form, what others perceive us to be.  They become embedded in us so deeply, that we do not realize that the physical ailments we suffer from are a direct result of our past.  Emotional problems eventually materialze into physical one.

Lately I've been receiving phone calls from women my age who have become friends of mine for the purpose of gathering information on pre-menopausal issues.  I am surprised by the number of women who are told by doctors that there is noting wrong with them.  If you fit this category and know that your system is off balance, I urge you to remember two things: the first is that if you feel that something is going on, something probably is - trust yourself.  The second is do not let any health care professional "fit" you into a category.  For one thing, what is good for you might not be good for someone else. 

I read an article on hysteria by  Carole Tashel entitled Hysterectomy Hysteria which is well worth the read.


Imagine you were unlucky enough to be a menopausal woman in the mid- to late-1800's, perhaps with irregular painful periods, hot flashes and a dash of depression. You most certainly would have been diagnosed with"hysteria," a catch-all diagnosis with a misconception at its foundation: that the uterus (Latin hystera) was the origin of women's physical maladies and psychological "neuroses."


1. Did you know that more than half of the recommended hysterectomies in this country are unwarranted?

2. According to Webster's Dictionary, this is the definition of Hysteria:

noun: A state in which your emotions (such as fear) are so strong that you behave in an uncontrolled way  - Example: A few of the children began to scream, and soon they were all caught up in the hysteria.â–ª fits/attacks of hysteria

3. Your past issues might have been tucked away in your mind, but to everyone else, become part of the perception of you!  In other words, others see them as part of your personality.  Once everything is dealt with, you can begin to renegotiate health strategies. 

Does this sound like you?  It certainly sounds like me! 

More to come.....

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