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Discomfort in run up to period

Posted by shell


 I am wondering if any-one experiences anything similar to myself. 

9 days before my period is due I begin to experience abdominal discomfort. It starts with an achey back progressing from small to medium stabbing pains.

Strangely, 2 days before my period is due it subsides and the period itself isn't too bad.

 A laporoscopy has turned up nothing and the specialist has no answers. I can find nothing similar when I google.

 Can any-one help?




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The only thing I could possibly think of is your hormones are changing since your body is getting ready to go through the menstrual cycle. I think its sometimes common to start these type of symptoms early before your period begins. I myself usually have extreme mood swings, and am really irritable besides minor aches and pains, this is how I know its usually coming on....

I hope this info helps, just to let you know at least your not alone....

Thanks Catrina!

It's awful isn't it, so hard to get anything done.

I hope you find a way to control things for you? I started taking agnus castus and it helped with my moods but not the pain.



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