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Developing My New Habit

Posted Aug 14 2008 10:25am
Well a week has gone by and I am doing a good job at starting a new habit, and trying to drift away from an old favorite habit. I have been exercising every morning instead of sitting on the coach and watching the news or surfing thru other exercise programs. In fact, it was not as hard as I thought it would be to change that habit. It sure makes me feel better starting the day by doing an exercise program.

Changing a routine takes the acceptance of adjusting my schedule. But you know, if I have to change it up a little that is o.k. Sticking to something, for no real reason is really silly. But we do get caught up in that - need to get to work by a certain time, leave by a certain time, etc. Well, by changing this a little for the betterment of me is worth it. In fact, it sure gives me more energy . I thought it might make me tired starting my day off that way, but quite the opposite, it gives me more energy in the day!!

And as I have said in other blogs, looking at things in a more positive manner and having a positive outlook on something you are about to embark usually turns out for the good, not the bad. I had made up my mind to change, and it was something I wanted to do and make work and it is working. Some good things that you don't expect oftentimes comes from changes. Sleeping better, etc. AND, I have a TV in my office, so I have the exerise DVD in my computer and the news on the TV so that way I can mutli-task. Isn't life great!

I just received an email today that I am listed in an article " Top 100 Women's Health Blogs " under Fit and over 40 section. Isn't that great? Gives me an added boost to get up in the morning and exercise!!

Another thing my step daughter and I have done is we are now doing the local charity walks. It has been great fun. It is nice spending some time with her and doing a walk for a cause. Seems like there are more of those around than I had thought. Check the ones out in your community, it might be a good way to have a goal and a reason to walk. Caitie and I are making plans to start a group of women in our area to train for the triple crown of walks/races in our area in the spring. I did this several years ago and lost several INCHES in my hips. And, unfortuantely, I need to do that again. I had joined a group several years ago, but it was in another part of town and a long drive. With gas at $4 a gallon, and our time is busy, we thought it would be fun to start up a group in our area. Watch for more on that.

Habits, aren't they great, ones we love, ones that define us and ones we break. Have a great day.
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