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Despite It’s Constant Dampness, Portland Is Kind Of Adorable

Posted Nov 18 2013 1:52pm

IMG_7327 Until recently, my only experiences of Portland were through the media.  Grimm (the show that makes the Buffy lover in me rejoice) taught me that Portland is dark, wet and weird.  Portlandia taught me that Portland is dark, wet, and weird.   One of the sketches in Portlandia features two characters so concerned about the quality of life that the chicken (that they were about to order at a restaurant) experienced, that they leave in the middle of ordering to visit the farm to see how the chickens lived – only to return years later to their table after spending some time in polygamous marriage with the farmer. So yeah, weird.

Not necessarily a bad kind of weird.   Plastic bags are illegal in Portland which is great for the environment.  There is an inherent respect for small business, local goods, the environment, and sustainable living which is evident in it’s food scene.


Now I love food trucks.  It’s a great and economical way to enjoy some really delicious food.  In LA there is a great food truck culture, but I have to say, Portland’s got it beat.  There are over 700 food carts (stationary trailer type food establishments) in Portland that can be found in pods (a group of several food carts complete with seating areas).  We had breakfast tacos of beans, pasture raised eggs, pico de gallo, and corn tortillas for $1.75 each.    One food cart in particular that I loved was a vegan rice bowl cart called The Native Bowl .  The owner is also a hairdresser.  Which is awesome.  And a little (good) weird.

native food rice bowl And the people?  They could not have been nicer – but, well – I’ll let you decide. These were actual conversations I had with (and overheard from) other customers while waiting for my food:

“The worst part about the rain here is that my hair gets flat while riding my bike with a hood.  Back when I was goth, that wasn’t an issue”

“I had to make sure my Doc Martens were vintage to make sure they were made in England, they are made in China now, you know”


I love it.  There’s a whole cultural movement to “Keep Portland Weird,” and I’ve just jumped on the bandwagon.  Literally.

IMG_7330 native bowl image via

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